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Project Description
Velsto determines Average depth and Standard deviation depth of time horizons using gaussian (Monte Carlo) simulation in a layer cake model.
Well tie using residuals adds well-tied average depth map and well calibrated uncertainty map.
Gridding/regridding and Grid calculator utilities are added.

NEWS 02 June 2017
This Microsoft website will be closed down by December, the source has been migrated to github and the rest to

NEWS 13 jun 2015
Bas Meyer Viol(University of Utrecht) has done for his masters thesis an analysis of Depth and gross rock volume uncertainty(at EBN) using Velsto for Stochastic time-depth conversion. This has resulted in an extended abstract for the EAGE Madrid conference together with Guido Hoetz which can be obtained at
A request for the complete report can be sent to

NEWS 30 jan 2013
v1.2.1 new Grid calculator,Control points calculator,Grid info.
NEWS 10 nov 2012
v1.2 Stable release available for download
Main new features
-- Residual workflow allowing proper QA/QC of markers/residuals(following ideas Guido Hoetz).
-- On line/contextual help
-- Additional Grid analysis tools (Contours,Colorhistogram)
-- Some improved dialogs and error handling and some bug fixes
Tested by Hermann Priebe of a big Russian Oil company

Velsto has been developed by Raafcom B.V. located in Assen The Netherlands. The functionality is based on advice from geophysicists(special thanks to Guido Hoetz) ,on knowledge acquired during 31 years in Subsurface IT and on publicly available literature.

It is the plan to develop Velsto further the coming years, any suggestions are welcome (mail to See for planned releases under Downloads->Planned.

Velsto is developed in C#(mainly) , C++(really C) and Fortran77(gslib) using Visual Studio 2008.

In Velsto use is made of third party Open source programs/libraries.



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